Responsible Nature Explorers

 erasmus nature explorers 2021


Acerca do projeto

The project is a cooperation of five schools from five countries (Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Germany). We want to bring students in touch with nature and develop activities which help to create a new, sustainable attitude.

Our motivation is to learn from each other and see examples of good practices from all the participating schools. By building upon this exchange of valuable ideas, we wish to identify elements to be elaborated and used in our lessons, schools and towns too. We think it is really important to bring together students from different countries in order to show them that climate change doesn't just have a national impact and that people in Europe must work together to deal with our common problems and create a common future.


Our objectives:

  1. We want students to enjoy being outside in nature.
  2. We want to show students how they can actively promote and implement the conservation of their regional environment. Projects like planting trees, guerrilla gardening or building and maintaining nest boxes or insect hotels during and in between mobilities are a concrete outcome here.
  3. We like to show students that in many parts of Europe people experience

environmental problems. The conditions might differ, but it is an incisive turning point everywhere.

  1. We want to motivate students but also the whole school community to save energy and reduce their carbon footprint.
  2. And of course, it is an objective to improve the language skills and the intercultural awareness of all participants, but this project focusses on the environment.


First eTwinning should function as online archive to make documents, pictures and videos available for partner schools. Each school is responsible for their necessary uploads. We have to agree in advance on a useful structure (folders). Second the saved project results (pictures, videos, articles, music) are used for a kind of documentary within “Pages”. Therefore, we have to create a directory according the needs of our project and assign responsibilities for maintaining the different pages. Each school reports about events which had taken place in their country.


We think our schools can profit from the participation in four areas: the development of various competences of the participants (teachers and students), an environmental friendly change of the school as a facility, a bigger focus of environmental topics in our school curriculum and at last a more intensive cooperation with environment organizations in our community or region. The participating teachers will get ideas for environment projects or outdoor activities they can do with their students regularly. And of course successful activities can be repeated by other student groups in the future. Here we want to use the most successful projects to become a permanent element in our school curriculum (e.g., Biology or Science) to be repeated yearly.

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